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Hon. President: Simon Cottle - Hon. Vice Presidents: Dwight Lanmon, Paul Perrot


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Note for Glass Circle members:

At an Extraordinary General Meeting of Glass Circle members on

28th June 2018, the following motion was proposed, seconded

and approved :

' It is resolved that the Officers and Committee of the Glass Circle shall

co-operate with the Officers and Committee of the Glass Association so

that by 30th June 2019 both societies shall have merged fully to form a

single organisation, referred to for convenience now as the 'Glass Society'.

This society shall have a single financial base, a single constitution to

be agreed by both committees, and ultimately a single committee, but

with Joint Chairmen and other principal officers for as long as the new

committee shall consider necessary. '

The Glass Circle was founded in 1937 by a small group of collectors interested in eighteenth century English drinking glasses. The meetings were held in their private houses, often in evening dress. Now things are rather different. The society is larger and international with over 200 members from at least 12 different countries including collectors, museum curators, academics, dealers and auctioneers. A proposed merger with the Glass Association during 2018-19 will ultimately create a much larger base of people with glass interest.

We usually have seven lectures a year, in an historic venue in central London, and one or two visits a year to places of glass interest, at home and abroad. Our publications include a magazine three times a year of around 30 pages, with news, book reviews, reports of exhibitions and sales and wide-ranging articles. A scholarly journal is published periodically and occasional exhibitions are organised to an international standard. These exhibitions are largely with specimens from members' private collections, accompanied by illustrated catalogues. Indeed, it is our publications which, especially for our overseas members, are the main attraction.

Current members’ interests range from Roman and earlier to contemporary glass; our last exhibition was on British Victorian glass and our lectures have included subjects as diverse as enamelled continental glass, Roman cameo glass, and engraved eighteenth century English glass.


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