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7.15pm Thursday 18th May 2017 (refreshments from 6.30pm)

Anna Moran: Glasshouses, Glass Retailers and Glass Consumers:
New Research on Glass in Ireland, c. 1780 – c. 1830



Cut glass sugar bowl and stand made in the late 1820's / early 1830's. Sugar bowls and stands of this design were made at the Waterford glassworks. Reproduced Courtesy of the National Museum of Ireland.

 This talk presents new research on the production, retailing and use of glass in Ireland, building on the work of earlier publications on glassmaking in Ireland, such as Westropp
(1920) and Phelps Warren (1970). Using surviving drawings, glasshouse accounts and Parliamentary Reports, we can ask new questions of the industry and its products, so deepening our understanding of the challenges in setting up and managing glasshouses in eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century Ireland. Similarly, the study of advertisements and business correspondence reveals more to us about the business of being a glass retailer in Ireland at this time and the role he or she played in the glass industry. Collections of family papers have been scoured for bills, receipts, domestic account books, diaries and inventories which tell us more about the integral place of glass within the home. Many members will be very familiar with the history of Irish glass. However, I hope that using new and varied sources in conjunction with the study of surviving objects, an expanded story of making, selling and using glass in Ireland can be told.

Anna Moran is a Lecturer in the School of Visual Culture at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin. She is a graduate of the V&A/RCA Masters programme in History of Design and in 2011 she completed her PhD, entitled 'From Factory Floor to Fine Dining: Making, selling and using glass in Ireland, c. 1730 - c. 1830’ at the
University of Warwick. She has published a number of articles on glass and is working on a book on glass in Georgian Ireland arising out of her doctoral research.

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