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Glass Circle Diary Dates - Outings



Our last visit in May 2015 was to the USA to visit the Henry Ford Museum Detroit,

The Toledo Museum of Art, then almost 3 days - the highlight of the tour - at

The Corning Museum and town, and Brooklyn NY for the Brooklyn Museum and the Metropolitan Museum New York - see our page 'Visits' for an article describing what was seen on the US tour.

A recent trip abroad (April 2016)was organised by The Glass Association for members of the Glass Association and the Glass Circle

to visit Barcelona and Catalunya






Glass Association Event

Glass Collector’s Day – View a Member's Collection.
Saturday - 22nd April 2017

   The location is a rural area midway between Nottingham and Newark with easy access, but only by car.

   The cost is £10 per person for Glass Association & Glass Circle members.

   A diverse collection of around 2000 pieces are displayed in cabinets in a first floor gallery. The collection, which has evolved over several years, covers pressed glass, commemoratives, older beer steins and Victorian drinking glasses. There are several pieces in the collection that are of unknown provenance and it is hoped that those attending may be able to identify them.

   For further information and an application form phone: 0121- 354 - 4100 or e-mail