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Glass Circle - Privacy Policy and Legal Disclaimer




We respect your privacy. Here’s how we protect it:

Who we are and how to contact us:
The Glass Circle c/o Honorary Secretary, The Glass Circle, 49 Church St., Brighton, BN1 3LF or e-mail:,
Committee members are listed at and Glass Matters, issue 1, January 2018

What information do we collect about you, and why?
We collect personal data that you have consented for us to use as part of our work in:
a) The history and appreciation of glass through exhibitions, meetings, seminars and
other appropriate means.
b) The understanding and appreciation of historical and contemporary glass.
c) The practice of the craft of glassmaking.
d) The study and collection of glass.
E-mail, and other forms of communications may be sent to you on the understanding that you have consented to be informed about The Glass Circle.
Our principal means of communication is by e-mail and by our publications.
We do not hold, nor do we seek, any information considered ‘sensitive’ or ‘privileged’. This includes details such as your religion, sexuality, political leanings or health.
Most of our supporters are adult and will appear on our general database but in the interests of child protection, details of under-18s may be maintained in a separate section on the site, for no other reason than our communications can be moderated if necessary although we cannot envisage any instances when this would arise.

What we do with your information
We may wish to:
• keep you informed of developments such as news and events
• distribute communications including e-mail bulletins
• inform you of developments in organisations with whom we work closely
• send you a survey for market research purposes
• send you promotional, marketing or fundraising information
• advise you of other products, services or functions related to the work of The Glass Circle

In addition, there are (where applicable) some Membership and donation communications that we are required to send regardless of your contact preferences. These are essential communications, deemed necessary to fulfil our contractual obligations to you. This would include subscription and other payment confirmations and advance notices, thank you letters, member benefits, renewal reminders, and querying returned mail or bounced payments with you.

We routinely review your information to ensure it is current and relevant. If these criteria no longer apply, the information is permanently deleted.
You may inspect the data held on you at any reasonable time and may also correct, amend or delete some or all of the information held. This will be at no fee unless we deem the amount of requests you make to be ‘manifestly unreasonable or excessive’ in which case a reasonable charge may be made, depending on the amount of work required to answer your requests. We will always seek proof of your identity before revealing information to you. Access requests should be made in the first instance either to the address at the head of this statement or via
If you do not wish your details to be held in this manner or do not wish to receive further information then send an e-mail with ‘Unsubscribe’ in the subject field, or otherwise contact the originator by other means, who will issue confirmation of deletion by return if practicable or as soon as possible. A brief indication as to why you wish to unsubscribe, though not a requirement, would be very helpful to us.

Who we might share your information with
We will only ever share members’ details to arrange dispatch of our publications. Under no circumstances will your details be divulged to any other third party, even though they may already be in the public domain. This excludes provisions where we may be obliged to disclose under jeopardy of legal order or other such requirement.

How we keep your information secure
Your details, which extend no further than necessary to distribute material as described above, are held on a secure electronic storage and retrieval system to which the Honorary Secretary has sole access. It is password-protected by means of a ‘strong’ password in a combination of digits, lower-case and capital letters that is known only to the holder and information is not transferred externally via USB, disc or other device or means.
Paper records, for example hard copy membership forms, are securely held then transferred onto the system before being securely destroyed. Telephone calls are not recorded. No information will be held outside the European Economic Area.

How long do we keep the information?
No longer than the duration of your membership, or until you tell us you do not wish to receive messages from us, whichever occurs first.
We may contact you at some juncture to ascertain you still wish to receive our output and that your details are accurate. And, of course, you may request your information to be deleted completely at any time.

Our website has no other function than to promote the work of The Glass Circle and associated items of interest.
Our website contains no confidential or restricted information and does not store any of your details.
Cookies are small strings of code stored on a computer to hold a modest amount of data specific to a particular client and website. You may wish to seek technical advice on this from a computer specialist but please note that we do not knowingly use cookies in managing or processing your data.

Other websites
Our links pages may contain reference to other websites. Whilst every effort will be made to ensure the accuracy of our links, The Glass Circle accepts no responsibility for external website content and this Privacy Statement applies only to our organisation.

Changes to our policy
We regularly review our Privacy policy and the accompanying statement may be modified from time to time to take account of changes. These will be posted on this page and will apply from the time we post them.

This Policy was last amended on 4 May 2018.


Legal disclaimer, copyright information and terms of use

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2. Copyright
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3. Liability
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