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Commemorative Exhibition Catalogue 1937 - 1962



Victoria and Albert Museum London, UK

72 pages.

29 B & W plates. 7 ½  x 9 ¾ inches

383 exhibits from the Ashmolean, Bristol, Fitzwilliam and Victoria and Albert Musuems and 59 private collections.

Introduction by R J Charleston.

242 exhibits were British glasses of the traditional collectors period of the time (1675-1800) the remainder stretched from Roman, via Bohemia and France to Laurence Whistler glass.


Glass Circle - Commemorative Exhibition Catalogue 1937 - 1962

Strange and Rare

50th Anniversary Exhibition Catalogue 1937 - 1987

Broadfield House Glass Musuem, Kingswinford  September 1987

Pilkington Glass Musuem, St. Helens January 1988

76 pages

135 B & W plates  5 ¾ x 8 ¼ inches

253 exhibits all illustrated.

History of the Circle

by P. H. Whatmoor and Miss K. Worsley.

Introduction by D. C. Watts

A wide ranging, eclectic selection of glass items from members' collections

Glass Circle - Strange and Rare Catalogue

The Glass Circle Diamond Jubilee 1937 - 1997

Christie’s. King Street, London 

May – June 1997


58 pages 

8 B & W plates 8 ¼ x 11 ¾ inches (A4)

History of the Glass Circle

by Henry Fox

English glass collecting for Beginners in a series of five letters to one of them, written by John Bacon in 1942

John Bacon’s letters today by Martin Mortimer

List of papers by J. M. Bacon

Catalogue of English Glass to 1820


The Glass Circle Diamond Jubilee Catalogue 1937 - 1997

Glass Collectors and their Collections in Museums in Great Britain. 1999.

A Glass Circle symposium held at the British Museum 1997

66 pages 93 B & W plates A4

(8 ¾ x 11 ¾ inches)

The British Museum

              Aileen Dawson              Curator, Medieval and Later Antiques

Victoria and Albert Museum

              Robin Hildyard              Deputy Curator, Department of Glass and Ceramics

Nation Museum of Scotland (Edinburgh)

              Godfrey Evans              Curator of European Art

The Ashmolean Museum (Oxford)

  Martine Newby

Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

              Karin M. Walton              Curator of Applied Art

Cecil Higgins Art Gallery (Bedford)

              Amanda Beresford             Curator

The Fitzwilliam Museum (Cambridge)

              Julia E. Poole              Senior Assistant Keeper, Department of Applied Art

National Museums and Art Galleries on Merseyside (Liverpool)

              Alyson Pollard              Curator of Metalwork and Glass

Glass Circle - Glass Collectors and their Collections in Museums in Great Britain. 1999. Catalogue


A Celebration of 19th Century British Glass


The Wallace Collection, London August – October, 2003

Exhibition curated and catalogue written by Martine S. Newby

Introduction by Simon Cottle

120 pages 140 colour illustrations 

8 x 10 inches (Quarto)

234 glass items, largely from members' collections, all of  19th century British origin, all catalogued and illustrated.

Glass Circle - FROM PALACE TO PARLOURA Celebration of 19th Century British Glass Catalogue

Glass Circle Notes

Typed summaries of talks

given to The Circle of Glass Collectors/The Glass Circle




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