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The Glass Circle 1
(now out of print)

* The Hoare Bills For Glass by W A Thorpe.
Enamelling And Gilding On Glass by R J Charleston.
* Glass And British Pharmacy 1600-1900

by J K Crellin and J R Scott.
* English Ale Glasses 1685-1830 by P C Trubridge.
* Scent Bottles by Edmund Launert.

Glass Cicle Journal Publication Number 1 1972

The Glass Circle 2

* A Glassmaker's Bankruptcy Sale by R J Charleston.

* The Bathgate Bowl by Barbara Morris.

* English Ale Glasses, Group 3, Tall Balusters And Flute Glasses For Champagne And Ale,

by P C Trubridge.

* The Pugh Glasshouses In Dublin by Mary Boydell.

* Glass In 18th Century Norwich by Sheena Smith.

* Who Was George Ravenscroft? by Rosemary Rendel.

* How Did George Ravenscroft Discover Lead Crystal? by D C Watts.

Glass Cicle Journal Publication Number 2 1975

The Glass Circle 3


* The Apsley Pellatts by J A H Rose.
* Decoration Of Glass, Part 4: Printing On Glass, and Part 5: Acid-Etching by R J Charleston.

* The Jacobite Engravers by G B Seddon.
* “Men Of Glass”: A Personal View Of The De Bongar Family Of The 16th & 17th Centuries by G Bungard.

* English Ale Glasses, Group 4, Ale/Beer Glasses Of The 19th Century by P C Trubridge.

Glass Cicle Journal Publication Number 3 1979

The Glass Circle 4

* Some English Glass Engravers: Late I8th-Early 19th Century by R J Charleston.

* English Rock Crystal Glass, 1878-1925

by Ian Wolfenden.

* Reverse Painting On Glass by Rudy Eswarin.

* The Manchester Glass Industry
by Roger Dodsworth.

* The Ricketts Family And The Phoenix Glasshouse, Bristol by Cyril Weeden

Glass Cicle Journal Publication Number 4 1982

The Glass Circle 5

* The “Amen” Glasses

by R J Charleston and Geoffrey Seddon.

* Glasses Fok The Dessert, I. Introductory

by R J Charleston.

* Glasses For The Dessert, II. 18th Century English Jelly And Syllabub Glasses by Tim Udall.

* Possets, Syllabubs And Their Vessels

by Helen McKearin.

* Jacobite Glasses And Their Inscriptions

by F J Lelievre.

* The Flint Glass Houses On The Rivers Tyne And Wear During The Eighteenth Century by Catherine Ross.

* The Glass Carafe: 18th-19th Century by John Frost.

Glass Cicle Journal Publication Number 5 1986

The Glass Circle 6

* The Glass Circle: A Personal Memoir

by Robert J Charleston.

* The Elements Of Glass Collecting by John M Bacon.

* Glass Imitating Rock Crystal And Precious Stones - 16th & 17th Century Wheel Engraving And Gold Ruby Glass by Professor Dr Franz-Adrian Dreier.

* William And Thomas Beilby As Drawing Masters

by Robert J Charleston.

* The French Connection: The Decorative Glass Of James A Joblin And Co Of Sunderland During The 1930s by Kate Crowe.

* The Windmills: A Notable Family Of Glassmakers

by Brian Moody.

* Joseph Locke And His Three Careers In England And America by Juliette K Rakow and Dr Leonard S Rakow.

* The Whittington Loving Cup by Peter Dreiser
Glass Cicle Journal Publication Number 6 1989

The Glass Circle 7







* Dr Syntax In The Glasshouse by Cyril Weeden.

* 19th & 20th Century Commemorative Glass by Barbara Morris.

* Flashed Glass - An English First?

by Robert J Charleston.

* Three Williamite Glasses by Mary Boydell.

* A Note On The Discovery Of Two Engraved Glasses From The Pugh Glasshouse by Mary Boydell.

* Glass From 1850-1950 In The British Museum by Judy Rudoe.

* Some Chemical And Physical Characteristics Of Ancient Glass And The Potential Of Scientific Investigations by Dr Julian Henderson.

Glass Cicle Journal Publication Number 7 1991

The Glass Circle 8


* Memories of Robert Jesse Charleston (1916 -1994)

by Janet Benson, Paul Hollister, David C Watts, John Scott and Jane Shadel Spillman.

* Jacobite Drinking Glasses by Muriel Steevenson.

* The Crystal Chandelier From The King's Audience Chamber (Now The Privy Chamber) Hampton Court Palace by Martin Mortimer.

* Masonic Glass In England by Dr David Stuart.

* The Falcon Brick Cone Glass House; The Other Revolution Of 1688 by Roy G. Bendrey.

* Felix Slade, A Collector In Uncharted Waters, 1790 - 1868 by Hugh Tait.

* British Studio Glass by Peter Layton.

Glass Cicle Journal Publication Number 8 1996

The Glass Circle 9













* Clubs and their Glasses in the Eighteenth Century by F. Peter Lole

* William Beilby and the Art of Glass by Simon Cottle

* Shades of Red. Part 1, the Copper, Red and Ruby Glasses by D. C. Watts

* Judging Jacobite Glass. A symposium held at the Victoria and Albert Musuem, 2nd November 1996:

Introduction to Jacobite Glass by Geoffrey B. Seddon

The Hoards of Jacobite Glass by F. Peter Lole

Observations regarding Historical Commerorative Glass in the Ulster Museum by John Bailey

A Reappaisal of ‘Eighteen Century’ Jacobite Glass by Peter J.Francis

Glass for Engraving by Wendy Evans

A Transparent Failure? Historians and Curators and Jacobite Material Culture by Dr. Eirwen Nicholson

Glass Cicle Journal Publication Number 9 2001

The Glass Circle 10







* The action taken by Sir Robert Mansell to preserve his patent monopoly of making glass with coal

by David C Watts

* The eighteenth-century glass bills and inventories at Traquair House by F Peter Lole

* Some letters from William Haden Richardson by Jill Turnbull

* Nineteenth-century British glass associated with Sir Richand Wallace by Suzanne Higgott

* Paul Oppitz (1827-1894) by John P. Smith

* The Biedermeier glass engraver Dominik Biemann (1800-1857) by Paul von Lichtenberg

Glass Cicle Journal Publication Number 10 2005

The Glass Circle 11


* 'Jacobite', 'Jacobean' and other Reproduction Glasses produced by the Edinburgh and Leith Flint Glass Company by Jill Turnbull.

* Glass Purchased for the Household of John Russell, 4th Duke of Bedford 1732-71 by Julia Poole

* Modeled et Tailes de Christaux Anglais by John P Smith

*Uranium Glasses - their importance in the 19th Century by Guenter Doerfel & Elke Gelfort

* E J Hillebauer - Freelance copper wheel engraver who lived in London and carried out work for Powell's Whitefriars glasshouse by Jeanette Hayhurst

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