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February 2019

Jointly published by the Glass Association and the Glass Circle:

A Livery Company glass

Emanuel Hauptmann - Bohemian engraver

A Beilby glass repaired

Carnival glass worldwide, and a specialist collection

Two artists currently working with glass

plus book reviews, news of meetings and visits, and updates on the Whitehouse Cone musum.

Glass Circle News : An INDEX of subjects and articles which appeared in Glass Circle News and other Glass Circle publications can be seen here:


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October 2018

Jointly published by the Glass Association and the Glass Circle:

Glass Snuff Mulls

The World of Murrine

Manchester's glass in the 19th century

Cameo glass from Bohemia

19th century Country House lighting

Depicting flowers - a glass artist's work

plus news and editorial

July 2018:

Jointly published by the Glass Association and the Glass Circle:

The Field Cup - a Venetian 15th century masterpiece

John Northwood, Stourbridge glass designer

Royal Brierley Studio glass

Georgian wine glasses - capacity

Ulrica Hydman Vallien - designer

A remarkable goblet at Corning

and articles on engraving, modern and historic, and about the Harrow glassworks

plus news, and editorial

January 2018:

Jointly published by the Glass Association and the Glass Circle:

Dale Chihuly - Exceptional glass designer

Frank Tibbenham collection at

Christchurch Mansion museum

Early years of Carnival Glass

A French stained glass panel at the V & A

Glass engraving as art in the 19th century

A dealer's fine collection bequeathed to

the Nation


meeting reports

book reviews

and more

June 2017:

The Golden Age of Dutch Glass

The Scottish glass industry 1750-2006

18th century lighting

The Blaschkas and glass plants and flowers

Tiffany's glass mosaics

together with

meeting reports, and readers' comments and questions

December 2016:

The Cinzano Glass Collection

Tales from the Glasshouse

Dilemma: Ale, Beer or Champagne glass?

Early Table settings

Transporting delicate collections

and book reviews, readers' letters

July 2016:

Serving vessels

Czech figurines

The Blaschkas and their creations

Meeting reports and reviews

readers' correspondence

March 2016:

Renaissance Glass

Sugar Crushers

Glass in Nature

Rene Lalique

Indexing Glass Circle Publications


Meeting reports, reviews and

readers' items

issue 139

November 2015:

American Glass - part 2

Hieronymus Hackel - engraver

The Tilly glasses

Pyrex - 100 years

Plans for the West Midlands Glass Museum


book reviews, readers' letters, and news

issue 138

July 2015:

Antique sealed bottles

Roman mould blown glass

American Glass, & the Glass Circle tour

in the USA May 2015

A new home for glass in Stourbridge


letters, new books and reviews

issue 137

March 2015:

Stained Glass at the V & A

Maurice Marinot

A Dutch Engraved Goblet discussed

American Rediscoveries


letters, reports, book reviews and news

issue 136

November 2014:

Collecting Continental Glass

Experiments in coloured glass

German Baroque Glass

Glass the 'Imitator'

Glass in the context of World War One


book reviews, letters, reports

issue 135


July 2014:

Open discussion on knops

Collecting Regency tableware

Higgins Gallery Bedford

New light on medieval stained glass

Beilby - Royal Armorial goblets


book reviews, letters and news

issue 134

March 2014:

Vetro a retortoli part 2: the techniques

The 'Lord Eldon vase'

Ship's decanters

Cut Glass and Hookahs

Sir Robert Mansell


letters and reviews

Previous Editions: covers from issue 126 -133:


issue 133

November 2013:

Viennese Greek style

Vetro a retortoli

More on Opaque twist stems

Collecting - BC to modern


letters, reports and news

issue 132


issue 131


issue 130


issue 129


issue 128


issue 127


issue 126

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