The Glass Circle - a society for the information, appreciation and understanding of ancient, antique, modern and contemporary glass.  

Glass Circle Site Map


This site map should tell you what you will find on each page of the Glass Circle site.


History - A brief resume of the origin of the Glass Circle.

- An explanation of what to expect from Glass Circle membership.
Costs - The various membership types and what it costs to join the Glass Circle.
Benefits - A detailed explanation of Glass Circle membership benefits.

Diary Dates
- Places dates and times of forthcoming Glass Circle meetings.
Outings - Calendar dates of Glass Circle membership outings.
Visits - Reports on Glass Circle visits, often overseas, usually longer than a day.
Events of Interest - Mostly non Glass Circle events which may be of interest to it's members.

Contact Us - current officers and committee of the Glass Circle.

Glass Circle News - A regular, useful and interesting publication for the Glass Circle membership.
Catalogues - A list of Glass Circle catalogues available for purchase by members and non members.
Journals - Glass Circle journals available for purchase by members and non members.
Archives - Past exhibitions, symposia, news letters and publications etc.
Book Reviews - Reviews by Glass Circle members of books and publications.

Dealers - A list of Glass Circle dealer members and a good source of glass related information.
Museums - A list of Museums with substantial glass content, national and international.
Auction Houses - Auction House members of the Glass Circle.
Other Societies - Other societies which are members of the Glass Circle.

Legal Disclaimer - Legal disclaimer, copyright information and terms of use.
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